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There is nothing parallel to the lifestyle of living amidst nature. Living in harmony with nature is what we strive for at Janardan Resort, and that is what we want to spread to as many as possible. Live away from the hustle bustle of the city with all the ameneties sans the concrete. Janardan Jungle Tents is located in Churaini, a map of it can be found here. It is located at a 3.5 Km trek from Pangot, Nainital. The trek to Churaini is in itself a fulfilling journey for any nature lover - different types of plants, a variety of birds; various animals can also be spotted all throughout the way like the Sambhar Deer, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Udh Bilao, Wolf(rarely spotted)... we leave this list unto you now, let's see what new animals you can fill in here for us after your trek.
We have many more pictures of in and around Churaini. Also in our photogallery you can find pics of the way from Pangot to Churaini (which is in itself a beauty for any adventure lover). You can browse our full photogallery here.

About Churaini

Churaini is a very small forested place with a population of 18 people. The tempreture varies in a wide range, so you can experience both the great summer and the chilly snowy winters: From April to August the tempreture records upto 22 degress centigrade maximum and a minimum of 16 degrees. You can also experience snowfall between January to the middle of February. The populace of Churaini are friendly people, the local language used is Pahadi which is similar to the national Indian language Hindi. The place is peaceful and awesome if you want to spend your own time with nature.
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